Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good morning!

I am so glad it's Thursday!  Do you know what is the only thing that would make it better?  If it were Friday!  I was up a little too late last night launching the blog, and my tail is dragging this morning.  I gave up all thoughts of working out for just a few more minutes of hitting the snooze button.  Not sure what's on the menu for tonight's supper.  I usually start thinking about that somewhere around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  However, I will give you a taste of what breakfast is:  Pumpkin Pie Bread.  I was busy baking this last night after I had cleaned up from the Buffalo Chicken Burgers.

Look at the beautiful color!  This bread is so good it doesn't even need any butter on it, and that's saying something because I adore butter.  It really has the flavor of a pumpkin pie but in bread form.  It makes 2 big loaves, which means my husband gets to take one loaf out while he is pheasant hunting this weekend, but the second loaf is all mine!  Okay, not really.  I have to share it with the kids, and my son loves it as much as I do sooooo............ I won't get nearly as much as I'd like.  Recipe to follow tonight.  Have a wonderful day!