Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Okay, so it's not the cream puff recipe that I promised...

Once again, life has gotten completely crazy with work, being the assistant coach for my son's baseball team and trying to get editing done on the book.  That leaves weekends to clean and do laundry.  I think I am taking a "me" day on Saturday, to focus on editing and also post the cream puff recipe I promised a couple of weeks ago.  In the meantime, here is an update from my writing world:

Ever since I came back from the writer's conference, I have had a lot of ideas and tips swirling around in my head, but one in particular kept popping to the forefront. One of the speakers encouraged getting out into your community, whether it be a local library or arts center, and asking if they would be interested in getting a creative writing class going. They encouraged us to look past the most common obstacle that we, ourselves, might put up, which is, "What makes me qualified to teach a writing class?" Their answer was, "You've already written a book. That is already more than what can be said about a large majority of the population." Without trying, I have thought of different ideas for individual classes: writing prompts, short stories, writing a different spin on popular characters, etc. Well, today I took the first step in that direction, mostly with the gentle nudging & encouragement from my good friend, Michelle. I sent off an email to The Arts Center, laying out my idea and asking if they would have any interest. Not only do I think it would fill a void in this community, but it would be beneficial to me, as well. Just being involved in something like that is bound to keep the creative juices flowing, not to mention that it would look great on my author platform (in bios going out to agents I am trying to land). Wish me luck!